Designed For Individuals

Build a better transition by focusing on your unique experiences and needs.


Over 1.5M words across 1000 resources to assist with your legal, medical, and social goals.


Stay informed about news that may impact your transition so you can tune out the rest.


Built with industry-tested encryption and on-device security. Built for your privacy.

Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEQ)

Tailored recommendations and responsive tone personalize your experience with Solace.


Add new pronouns, your favorite nickname, and more to teach Solace new and better ways to affirm you personally.

In-App Account Management

Updating your name, pronouns, or state, all in-app, is just a few taps away.

And much more...

Solace has a number of secrets that reward longevity. As you achieve the big moments, Solace is ready to celebrate with you.

The first mobile app to holistically assist with your gender transition. No referral letter needed. No meetings to show up to. This is about helping you be you, faster than ever before.


Design Yourself A Better Transition

Solace is your ultimate helper. He can keep track of your goals. Provide you with up-to-date information, and ultimately help you achieve your transition goals faster.

  • 100% free to use. No in-app purchases. No ads. No data mining.
  • Up-to-date information. No more scouring forums and message boards for the answers.
  • Keeps your data secure. We will never use your personal data for marketing purposes.

Lovingly Dense

1.5M words (and counting). 1000+ goals. Intelligently displayed based on your location and pronouns.

  • Medical Goals: Solace can help you find the right providers and give you the critical information to take the next steps.
  • Legal Goals: With information on name changes, birth certificates, and your rights across all 50 states and all territories, Solace can help answer the pressing legal questions.
  • Social Goals: Need help tying a tie? Solace has you covered. Looking for guidance on how to come out? Solace has a few ideas.

Features Designed To Affirm, Inform, & Protect


You deserve to be affirmed.

Solace understands who you are and wants to affirm you as the man you are. He's not interested in redefining you. He's interested in you.

  • Dyanmic Language provides consistent affirmation (and no misgenderings).
  • Resources designed specifically for men like you. Generated by experts on the matter.
  • Information in Solace is individualized. He's here to affirm your unique experiences.

You deserve to be knowledgeable.

Trying to keep up on all the news impacting the trans community can be like drinking water from a fire hose. Solace aggregates information that you need to know automatically.

  • Credible information straight from the source or credible outlets (no nasty comment sections to wade through).
  • Push notifications only when critical updates occur. Unless Solace pings, you can assume no major news has happened.
  • Rapid contextualization of the news to let you know which goals are impacted. This makes the news topical and actionable.

You deserve to be protected.

Solace uses best-in-class privacy and data security practices to make sure that you, and only you, can see your data.

  • Euphoria.LGBT, Inc. is not able to access your pin code or other personal details. What you do within Solace is between you and them.
  • When not in use, Solace logs you out frequently to help mitigate prying eyes.
  • Our data practices have been tested by the best of the best hackers in the world. None have breached Solace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Solace data mine?

A: Nope. We'd pull the plug on Solace before we ever let that happen. Your data is your data. Hard stop.

Q: Is this medical or legal advise?

A: No. Solace should be thought of as a trusted friend, but medical or legal experts should be consulted as you consider taking additional steps in your transition.

Q: Where does Solace get his information?

A: The information within Solace is compiled from publicly-available online sources, conversations with subject-matter experts, and user feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you make Solace for X?

A: Probably not. We're focused on the trans community and we're flattered by our imitators in other sectors. We're going to stick to what we know best, and let others tackle the other big problems.

Q: Does Solace have a community feature?

A: Nope. Our apps are made for the individual and the experiences are singular.

Q: Is this really being built by trans individuals?

A: Yes. Euphoria is led by Kate Anthony, who is a trans woman.

Q: Why don't you respond to reviews?

A: We prefer responding to messages, critiques, and questions by email. We made a decision early on to not respond to App Store reviews, and that policy remains.

Q: When was Solace created?

A: Solace was conceptualized in April 2019 and launched in December 2019.

This app is incredibly useful for transitions, both binary and nonbinary. Helps with both social and physical transitions. Gives you a list of resources and help and what one needs to do along with some of the info even coming with forms.

Google Play Review - Siggi

I needed this so much. I hope they keep making it better, AND I’m a big fan of whats here, the information bank here is deep. Like wow.

App Store Review - Mia

It's a wonderful source of information; allows you to compartmentalize your goals; and gets the fifth star for being consistent, affirming, and always improving.

Google Play Review - Vanessa

This is literally one of the BEST LGBTQ apps I've ever had! There's stuff about coming out, Coronavirus, your rights, and so much more. I definitely recommend this app 100000%

App Store Review - Brianna

So far absolutely amazing, it's helpful, educational, and all around an incredible app. I highly recommend for any gender neutral, non-binary, or transgender person.

Google Play Review - Sly

This app isn't just pretty to look at, it's also very useful to the trans & Non-Binary community. It's an irreplaceable resource and the first of its kind I've ever found.

Google Play Review - Ever


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