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Who We Are

 Behind The Scenes of Solace

The Team

A confluence of interdisciplinary talents

RKA has worked on a slew of other technology projects prior to Solace resulting in national media attention, multiple entrepreneurship competition victories, and numerous product launches.

Patrick McHugh is a communications and operations specialist, with a skillset including organizational communication, instructions and procedures, graphic design, and data analysis.

Previous Works

We've got a knack for making waves

  • "Spokane developers aim to help trans community through transition with new app Solace" 6/2/19 - "When Robbi Katherine Anthony and Patrick McHugh headed to HackOut, an LGBTQ startup weekend in Austin in April, they knew they wanted to create something to help that community. "We were kind of sitting at the bar and we're just like, 'What could technology do to make something suck less?'" Anthony says. "I made this kind of casual remark, 'If there was an app that could actually tell me how to go through transition, that would be life-changing, because being stuck in transition is a living, breathing nightmare.'""
  • "Spokane woman helps develop first of its kind app for transgender community" 5/20/19 - "A Spokane woman has developed a mobile application that will be the first of its kind in the entire nation as a resource and tool for people of the transgender community. Robbi Anthony is a software developer and executive director of an organization called "Solace." Thanks to her, project partner Patrick McHugh and a team of three others, her app will soon be in the hands of transgender individuals across the United States and eventually Mexico."
  • "Gravity Labs hopes to bring matchmaking to the masses" 2/14/19 - "Spokane entrepreneurs Robbi Katherine Anthony and Patrick McHugh have partnered to create Gravity, a new dating app where instead of choosing your matches, other users choose for you."
  • "National Teacher of the Year Mandy Manning, entrepreneur Robbi Anthony among TEDxSpokane speakers" 10/2/18 - "The theme of this year’s TEDxSpokane is 'Beyond Ourselves.' This year’s speakers include 2018 National Teacher of the Year Mandy Manning, speaking about serving refugee and immigrant students and communities, Power 2 the Poetry’s Bethany Montgomery, biology professor Brook Swanson, speaking about “radical collaboration,” Come Nzibarega, sharing insight into refugee camps, entrepreneur, transgender activist and business owner Robbi Anthony"
  • "Spokane Go Vote App Helps You Research Political Candidates" 9/19/18 "Robbi Anthony is an app developer by trade and a rookie politician running for Spokane County commissioner. The fruit of both endeavors launched on the Google Play mobile app store earlier this month. It’s called Spokane Go Vote! It’s an application developed by Anthony’s Spokane-based tech company Firedove and paid for by her campaign. It is a nonpartisan voter guide via smartphone at its least. At its best, it’s a political town hall in your pocket."
  • "Spokane Commissioner Al French, who's fought like hell against district-only general elections, is down big in the district-only primary" 8/8/18 - "Robbi Katherine Anthony, a 26-year-old transgender woman who owns two local tech businesses, holds a 16-point lead over French, according to preliminary results from last night's primary election. "
  • "Pragmatic barter put in use at Praxis Coworking" 3/26/2018 - "Praxis Coworking is changing the concept of entrepreneurship in more ways than one, from an intermingled office space to, now, their own cryptocurrency. But with so much hype, confusion and, most of all, speculation surrounding the future of cryptocurrencies, why dive into this new venture? Robbi Anthony, CEO of Praxis Coworking, an office for businesses, startups and nonprofits of all shapes and fields in Spokane’s Holley-Mason Building, said the financial risk was low for her company, while the opportunities were far-reaching."
  • "Seeking Safe Space" 5/12/16 - "Three months ago, Spokane Trans* Map ( went live. The website features a map of Spokane and nearby areas that designates businesses as either friendly (represented with a green dot) or unfriendly (represented with a red dot) to transgender individuals. Robbi Anthony, a community activist and web developer who worked on the site along with others, says that transgender people are more visible than ever, which creates more potential for them to be treated with hostility."
  • "Spokane-based startup debuts digital mirror display" 1/14/16 - "Spokane-based startup company Vitreous has unveiled its first product, a digital mirror display that can access the Internet or content from a user’s smartphone. Robbi Anthony, CEO, part-owner, and lead engineer of Vitreous, says a group of 12 potential customers gathered last month to see the product on display at an event hosted in the Washington Cracker Building, at 304 W. Pacific, in downtown Spokane. The product, also being marketed under the Vitreous name, looks like an ordinary mirror, 18 inches wide by 24 inches tall, but upon activation it’s able to display a seven-inch high definition video screen in the top left corner. It also is capable of producing sound at greater volumes than many tablets and phones can project, Anthony says. When not in use, the mirrored surface conceals the screen, and its outside frame can also be customized to match a user’s décor."
  • "‘Project Wedge’ startup developing simple projection device for tablets" 1/28/14 - "What if you could just pop your tablet into a small wedge on a table and connect it to an HDMI cable to project the screen onto a wall? That’s the simple vision behind 'Project Wedge,' a fledgling startup out of Olympia, Wash., that is using a crowdfunding campaign in an attempt to garner financial support to move the tablet projection system from prototype to production. (That’s 'Project' as in 'projector.')"

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