About Solace

Solace was founded in April 2019 by Kate Anthony. Solace began as a non-profit entity, but the organization found it difficult to proceed (as grantmakers were skeptical about apps and individual donors were hard to find). In December 2020, we pivoted to a for-profit entity.

At this moment, Solace is a part of Euphoria.LGBT, Inc. (Euphoria), a Public Benefit Corporation. Euphoria also makes Bliss, Clarity, & Devotion.

Does Solace have investors? And what does that mean to me?

Yes, Euphoria (the parent company of Solace) has investors. The in-app experiences for our users have remained identical between our time as a non-profit entity and a for-profit one. Privacy remains at the core of our products, and despite having investors you can rest assured that we aren't mining data.

Euphoria does have a few strategic partnerships where Solace may suggest a service to help complete a goal. These are not affiliate deals and Euphoria receives no compensation on the basis of whether or not a user purchases the associated service. Our other monetization effort is built on interchange fees within Bliss.

Are you sure you aren't data mining?

Yes, we are sure. We don't data mine. We can't even see the contents of your Solace account, and we made the app.

Solace is free. No in-app purchases. No data-mining.

What about those strategic partnerships? Am I be targeted with ads?

≈0.1% of the goals in Solace include information about one of our partners, but that information never supersedes the information within Solace that is critical to completing a goal.

Solace was born on the internet. And we love the internet.

But there has been some significant speculation about Solace on the internet that is factually incorrect (by individuals and reporters alike). If you have questions, feel free to reach out. We'll answer honestly because we truly have nothing to hide.

Our mission remains the same as it was during our time as a non-profit. We want to restore agency and dignity to the trans community by creating tools that can help trans individuals. It's really that simple. And while not everyone may use our technology, know that if you do, your data is safe and our products are here to help. Whether or not you use Solace (or our other apps) we care about all the members of this community. Y'all deserve the best of what this life has to offer, and if we can play a small role in helping you achieve that life, we'd be honored to help.