Advisory Votes

As of 3.19.2020

Votes are tallied via email from all members of our advisory board. The ratified column indicates if the measure was implemented according to the majority vote or not. Proposals, votes, and decisions will be discussed during our scheduled conference calls.

Date Vote Yes No Ratified
3/19/2020 Release Solace Printed Edition Early (March 2020) 3 0 YES
3/19/2020 Allocate time towards a local effort to help during the COVID-19 outbreak ( 3 0 YES
3/4/2020 Retain Patrick McHugh as Executive Editor (Paid Position) 2 0 YES
3/4/2020 Retain Robbi Katherine Anthony as Executive Director (Paid Position) 2 0 YES
3/3/2020 Establish a virtual boardroom 2 0 YES

Commence development on Solace web mode¹

0 2 YES
2/7/2020 Onboard Elli Sawyer as Digital Marketing Director (Volunteer Position). 2 0 YES
2/2/2020 Launch Solace Child Mode on 3/1/2020 2 0 YES

¹We have decided to delay the development of Solace web mode due to cash-flow considerations. We have added the development of Solace web mode to our backlog with a tentative launch window of April 2020 - May 2020